Purple Swirl - Custom Tee w/ "Sticker" Sheet

Purple Swirl - Custom Tee w/ "Sticker" Sheet

  • *Limited Edition* Only 50 made!

  • Includes an iron on “sticker” sheet with parchment application paper and instructions

  • Due to limited quantities, a chosen sticker sheet will be included with your shirt - For any desired sticker sheets, you may purchase additional one here!

  • “Mens” size t-shirt

  • Hand tie dyed - hand wash advised - Do not wash with other apparel in laundry machine

  • Colors will vary due to hand died application

  • Tools needed: scissors, wooden board, pillow case, iron

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Easy to follow instructions. Please read before applying iron on!

We advise:

  • Cut as close to desired design as possible - any white left will show up on your shirt

  • We used a cutting board covered in a pillow case as our ironing board to ensure a tight press

  • Peel backing paper from cut out design

  • Arrange in desired position

  • Lay parchment paper over cut out design

  • Choose “cotton” option on iron and press for 20-30 seconds

  • Press with slight pressure against cutting board all the way to the edges of cut out design

  • See our IG for application videos! @flygurlzclub