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Clothing Drive for Teenage Gurlz

Donate gently-worn clothing to under-resourced teens for Back to School. We offer a free day of shopping for the students and provide a space where they can explore and curate their style with the encouragement and support they need.
✧ Drop off: August 4 - 15, 2019
✧ Location: E14 Gallery 461 9th St. Oakland


Our mission is to utilize beauty & style as tools for creative collaboration between young women & empower the next generation of gurlz.



Featured: KQED Arts

Looking Good is Pricy; FLYGURLZCLUB Helps Oakland Teens Dress the Part

Written by Eda Yu / February 2019 KQED Arts

Last September, Oakland’s E14 Gallery buzzed with the back-to-school frenzy that surrounds Labor Day weekend. The unlikely venue, located on a rustic, brick-lined street in Old Oakland, had its doors wide open, giving passersby a view of the dozens of enthusiastic high-school girls sorting through clothes amid festive decorations and upbeat music.


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