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Celebrate Self Love at our FGC GALATINE <3


“Ditch the dates and forget Valentine’s Day” we all say come mid February - but why miss the opportunity to step out, dress your finest, and celebrate self love instead? It is a beautiful journey navigating our way toward well-being and happiness - some of us are still trying to find our way - and some of us just need a reminder from time to time. Regardless, we believe self love is a life essential and celebrate you for making it a priority. On Valentine’s Weekend, we cheers to how far we’ve come in our individual journeys and remind each other of how it is the very foundation to love and help others.

However self love translates to you, we are hoping to have your presence with us as we work toward our goal to share love to those who need a little bit more for themselves. Help us kick off our goals to help under-resourced teenagers with an evening at TAYLOR/MONROE that will be transformed into an elegant and intimate gala for your dose of love and XOXO’s. Bay Area writer and YouTuber, Kae Roque, will be sharing what self love means to her and how she uses her platform to encourage creative self expression and empower women. Once she has gotten us sufficiently inspired, enjoy the evening in selfie central, hearts, roses, and all, along with good music and good vibes.


What to expect:

*Attire: Cocktail (red, pink, black, or white theme suggested)

*Bring cash for raffle prizes (Venmo available)

*Fun Activities: music, photo booth, selfie stations, raffle games, refreshments, and custom glass etching!

*Keynote Speaker: A presentation by Kae Roque on Self Love & what it means to other women <3

*Mix & Mingle with amazing men & women passionate about social impact


8:00PM - 9:00PM 
Welcome reception (photo booth & refreshments)

9:00PM - 9:30PM 
Lightning talks by leaders from FLYGURLZCLUB & Announce raffle

9:30PM - 10:00PM 
Keynote speaker on Self-Love

10:00PM - 10:30PM
Announce raffle prizes

10:30PM - 12:00AM
 Galatine continues

Sounds by DJ JBUG

Grab a custom etched wine or shot glass with your personalized name engraving by Janessa Canilao <3 * Supplies limited *


Kae Roque is a 26 year old, Dominican-American, Creative Writer and Youtuber from the Bay Area. She has been writing short stories, poems, skits, and play scripts since she relocated to California as a kid. In her early years, Kae was especially influenced by her exposure to the commercials that her mother, who is a Creative Director, would write and produce.

With roots tying back to New York City, Kae has been able to take her influences from both coasts to create her own unique style. In January of 2018, Kae started her YouTube journey with one goal in mind: to break down taboo topics with a comedic spin on her own experiences. From modeling, voice over acting, writing, community service and mentoring, Kae has acquired skills that have allowed her to be the well-rounded artist and performer that she is today.


$20 RSVP
$40 RSVP + Self Care Package *Limited Quantities*
Self care packages include special items and products as our gift to you.

Thank you to our sponsors at:
TAYLOR/MONROE, Pink Dolphin, Fresh Beauty, Cocokind, Swollen Finger, Levi’s, BREWPUBLIK

FLYGURLZCLUB began with the intention to create a platform for women to partner through collaborative projects that would serve as an inspiration to younger under-resourced girls. So much has been done by providing low income girls in high school with clothing donations from our supporters at our first donation drive last summer. The result was heartwarming and gave the girls a little light and a lot of confidence to their spirit.

This V-Day Weekend, we toast to self love and celebrate the generosity our donors have shared in reminding the youth of their own value & self-worth. We welcome and invite new faces to join us in our efforts to uplift the teenage youth and grow our organization to create a more impactful Back to School Donation Drive this Summer 2019.


Learn about where your contributions go toward here.
Thank you for your support. We can’t wait to see you there! <3 XOXO