Our mission is to utilize beauty & style as tools for creative collaboration between young women & empower the next generation of gurlz.

Grassroots. We are just a few gurlz looking for ways to get young women in our community involved together in inspirational, empowering, and engaging experiences. We aim to create a platform for creative women in fashion, beauty, and art to collaborate with one another and showcase their work. Being based in the Bay Area and surrounded by the world of tech, we feel there is a lack of fun and gurly events catered to the world of style and beauty. There are such rich and raw talented entrepreneurial women here on the grind and making moves on their own terms and we hope to create a platform to share and inspire other women through what they do. We aim to build a supportive network of creative women to create the sisterhood we all need.

FLYGURLZCLUB was launched in 2018 when we introduced the Back to School Donation Drive. This was the laying foundation of the organization. It was the idea of a closet clean-out that sparked the idea by founder, Stephanie Anne, to gather her own peers together and do the same β€” Only gifting them to girls who don’t have the same accessibility to nice clothes rather than selling or dispersing them to thrift stores. There was an even bigger opportunity to get other creative women involved to partner with and provide glam services for the students.


At FGC, we seek the opportunity to create a solid network of women who support women. It is our goal to put on Bay bred women who so often leave home grounds to bigger cities like Los Angeles and New York to pursue fashion, beauty, or art. In doing this, we hope to create inspiration and influence on our younger peers, bringing the world of style and beauty IRL.

We are only a baby at 1 year old and are continuing to develop and expand our organization. If you would like to join the team, there is definitely room for everyone to sit with us. πŸ’…πŸ½πŸ’…πŸΎπŸ’…πŸΏ